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American Assoc. of Webmasters - Gold Award February 2006
American Assoc. of Webmasters - Gold Award

The American Association Of Webmasters Awards are primarily designed to supply formal recognition to webmasters and designers who have shown outstanding achievement in web design, content and creativity.

Your site displays: A nice clean Design and Layout of Website, with quality content and informative information for your visitors.
Vision Site Design Awards February 2006
Vision Site Design Awards - Bronze

This site is beautifully designed. The photography is absolutely stunning. The navigation is easy and the choice of colors is excellent!

Congratulations on an excellent web presentation, your creation is very deserving of our VSDA Bronze Badge and it is with great pleasure that on behalf of the VSDA team we issue you this VSDA web award.
Gold Web Award 2006 - World Wide Web Awards
January 2006
World Wide Web Awards - Gold Web Award

Congratulations!  Your site: Locke Heemstra Fine Art Travel Photography has been selected to receive the World Wide Web AwardsT  "Gold " Award. 

We see all the hard work and dedication that you have put into constructing your web site and your efforts are well deserved.  Your site displays:  A clean and organized design, user friendliness, quality content and informative information for your visitors.

As one of Worlds peak internet bodies, the Awards of The World Wide Web AwardsT are amongst the most prestigious available and hence, amongst some of the more difficult to win on the web.

Mona Lisa Select Site Award
January 2006
Mona Lisa Select Site Award

To honor and distinguish those webmasters that make an extra effort to enhance the web by creating family friendly, content rich web sites that are compatible with most browsers.

The winning webmasters take extra time to insure that their scripts work, their alt tags are in place and are sensitive to accessibility to those users with disABILITIES and those surfing from the lower end of the digital divide.

Thanks for making such a terrific contribution to the international photography community. My students who are studying photography will find your work inspirational!

Web Design Award
December 2005
DESIGNFIRMS Web Design Award

As the Internet grows, so do the standards with the websites that occupy it. With new websites entering cyberspace everyday, the demand for bigger and better sites has come.

We know this project took time, dedication and a lot of hard work. The judges at would like to announce that your site has been found as one of the best on the Internet and hereby award you with the DesignFirms Web Design Award. Congratulations on such a great achievement and we look forward to more submissions from you in the future. Silver Web Design Award
December 2005 Silver Web Design Award

Congratulations!!! We can see the hard work you put into your site and you met all of our criteria to win the "Silver Award" with a high score of 80.

We are glad to give you the recognition that you deserve. We wish you much success in your endeavors.

Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting and attractive place to visit.

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